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Cultural activities

With a view to enhancing the quality and interdisciplinary of its programmes, each year the Collegio Superiore organises institutional events, meetings and conferences which are open to the University and the public.


Ceremonies and award of the Licenze del Collegio Superiore
Collegio students who successfully complete their programme of study at the Collegio will be awarded the Diploma of the Collegio Superiore (Licenza del Collegio Superiore).
Presentation of activities
The traditional ceremony in which the activities and objectives for the academic year are presented.

Meetings and conferences

Collegio meetings and conferences
The conference cycle with the participation of figures from the cultural, economic, financial, and voluntary sectors.
Dialogue at the Collegio
Discussion workshops organised by the Collegio students.


Google calendar - ISS Agenda
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Events (IT Version)
The events of the Collegio Superiore
ISA Lectures
The lectures held by ISA Visiting Fellows (on ISA website)