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How to become a Tutor

Professors and researchers have until 20 October 2019 to submit their application to be included in the Collegio Superiore's Register of Tutors for the 2019/22 period (Albo dei Tutori 2019/22).

The success of the Collegio project, which is to roll out innovative training projects in a distinctly interdisciplinary framework in order to encourage the development of new approaches to knowledge and to stimulate creative thinking, depends on the key role played by the University’ tutors, professors and researchers who follow the Collegio students on their study programmes. They form a vital direct link between the Collegio Superiore, the Departments and the Degree Programmes.

The application procedure

Following the process that was successfully initiated in 2016, professors and researchers can express their interest in being added to the Collegio Superiore's Register of Tutors (Albo dei Tutori) by sending their application to the Collegio Director, copied to the Collegio Superiore's Administrative Office, no later than Sunday 20 October 2019.

Professors and Associate Professors with permanent contracts and researchers with permanent contracts are eligible to apply.

It is hoped that there will be at least one applicant from each Department.

The Register of Tutors is valid for three years. Only new students in arrival following the outcome of the 1st and 2nd cycle admission examinations will be assigned new Tutors, who will be selected from the Register of Tutors (Albo dei Tutori).

The application must be brief (written on not more than one sheet of A4 paper) and contain the following information:

  • a description of the teaching and research experience that the Tutor can bring to the learning activities of the Collegio;
  • any role currently or previously performed at the Collegio Superiore (Teaching staff, Tutor, Admissions Board, and the relative years);
  • a declaration that he/she is in the top tier of rankings by the University Research Evaluation Committee with regard to his/her research area (indicating the relative score). For the purposes of this declaration, top tier rankings are defined as those that are above the average for the research area in question. The score and area distribution can be viewed on the page dedicated to the University Research Evaluation (VRA) of personnel;
  • alternatively, the candidate may submit a declaration that he/she is ASN (National Scientific Qualification) qualified for a rank higher than that currently covered (qualification to participate in the ASN Qualification Committees for full Professors);
  • for all curricular information, reference will be made exclusively to the candidate's CV and the list of publications shown on UniBo's teaching staff portal (candidates are advised to update this);
  • a letter of reference from the Dean of the candidate's Department.

Tutor activities

Tutors assigned to a student enrolled with the Collegio Superiore must undertake to:

  1. follow the student's activities for the duration of their degree programme (single cycle degrees will be segmented on a 3+2 or 3+3 basis in accordance with the Regulations of the Collegio). Tutors must support and guide their students with regard to matters such as international mobility, the choice of extracurricular learning activities, participation in Summer Schools or relevant conferences of interest to the students, etc.
  2. meet with their students at least twice a year and draft the relative annual report;
  3. participate in the Collegio's activities including the meetings of the Academic Committee and other cultural and organisational activities;
  4. offer, on an annual basis, an 8 hour course tutorial to be added, possibly, to the seminar package offered as part of the Collegio Superiore's teaching planning
  5. be available to sit on the Board of Admissions for the first cycle at least twice over the course of their 3+2 or 3+3 years as a Tutor of the Collegio.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in the termination of their role as a Tutor.

It should be underlined that the availability referred to in points 4) and 5) does not imply any commitment to accept said offer of availability by the Collegio.

Candidates are reminded that the role of Tutor is unpaid.

Furthermore, as of the academic year 2019/2020, classroom teaching requirements may be partly fulfilled also through lessons (up to a maximum limit of 8 hours) delivered in the Collegio Superiore. If the teaching hours exceed the annual classroom teaching requirement, the Collegio will compensate for said hours by making a transfer to the research fund of the relative Department.



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In accordance with the Decree of Council of Ministers published on 9/3/2020, the offices will guarantee the service remotely only. To contact the serectariat of the Collegio Superiore write to the the e-mail address:
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