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Academic programme

The Collegio Superiore offers its students an interdisciplinary study programme, which supplements their University degree programmes with other academic activities and seminars.

The Collegio Superiore covers two broad subject areas:

  • Humanistic-economic including degree programmes in the following principle areas: Economics and Management; Law; Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation; Psychology; Education; Political Sciences; Statistics; Sociology; Humanities;
  • Technical-scientific including degree programmes in the following areas: Pharmacy and Biotechnology; Engineering and Architecture; Medicine; Veterinary Medicine; Sciences; Agricultural and Food Sciences; Sports Science.

Collegio students are required to put in 72 hours of supplementary study each year.

The academic programme offered by the Collegio Superiore is divided into:

  • 24 hours of learning activities with a final assessment, specifically for three-year and two-year programmes;
  • 8 hours of seminars led by the tutors of the Collegio Superiore and professors of the University of Bologna;
  • ISA lectures delivered by Visiting Fellows, international professors selected each year by the Institute of Advanced Studies.

At the start of each academic year, Collegio students are given a study plan for the Collegio Superiore, as indicated in its Regulations.

Each student enrolled on a Collegio Superiore programme is followed by a Tutor who is a high-profile teacher at the University of Bologna.

Programme syllabi for 2020-2021

First Cycle 20/21
Students enrolled in a First Cycle Degree.
Second Cycle 20/21
Students enrolled in a Second Cycle Degree.
Single Cycle (5 years) 20/21
Students enrolled in a First Cycle Degree (lasts for 5 years.
Single Cycle (5 years) 20/21
Students enrolled in a First Cycle Degree (lasts for 6 years.

Lessons and study plan



Student Administration Office of the Collegio Superiore

For administration related questions

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tel: +39.051.2099262

fax: +39.051.2086257

In accordance with the Decree of Council of Ministers published on 9/3/2020, the offices will guarantee the service remotely only. To contact the serectariat of the Collegio Superiore write to the the e-mail address:
In case you prefer to contact the office via Microsoft Teams, write to our e-mail address and ask for an appointment via call/videocall.