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The Collegio Superiore was established in 1998 as the School of excellence of the University of Bologna.

The Collegio offers advanced and interdisciplinary education
selecting particularly motivated students of any program of the University of Bologna.

The admission to the Collegio is based on merit and equal opportunities. Once admitted students are required to maintain a high level of performance both in University courses and extracurricula activities.

The Collegio distinguishes two areas:
- economics, law, humanities
- science and engineering, medicine.


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The Collegio offers to the student:

1. An excellence and interdisciplinary special education
2. A university Professor as Tutor
3. Exchange with other Schools of excellence
4. Free lodging at the Residenza di Studi Superiori
5. An annual grant and the waive of the University fees


The Collegio requires that the student

1. Performs at high level in university courses
2. Performs at high level in the Collegio Superiore special programs
3. Involves herself/himself in the activities of Collegio Superiore
4. Submits a Collegio dissertation within one year after the submission of one’s own Laurea dissertation.

The education

A special education completes the University program, enhancing training with interdisciplinary classes and disciplinary seminars.

The classes focus on various subjects, such as law, history, logic, science, technology, computer studies, communication, etc. Attendance to classes and seminars is compulsory.

The Collegio student has to submit a Collegio dissertation within one year from her/his Laurea dissertation in order to obtain the Licenza del Collegio Superiore. 

Meetings, seminars, workshops and cultural initiatives integrate the scholastic training, with attendance of scientists and professionals from economic, social and literary world. The Collegio Superiore offers the student even meetings organized in collaboration with other institutes, in particular with the Institute of Advanced Studies (ISA), part of the Istituto di Studi Superiori too, that proposes the lectures of Visiting Professors of world renown.

The attendance to these events is an integral part of the interdisciplinary training that the Collegio Superiore offers to the student.


The Tutors

High profile Professors of the University of Bologna supervise the scholastic training of students, helping them in defining their university programs and internal courses of the Collegio Superiore.

The tutor attends to the student’s university performance, and takes care of his training.


The Admission

The admission to the Collegio Superiore is exclusively on the base of merit. The admission test is open to all Italian and foreign citizens, independently from their economical conditions and previous high school performances.

The main goal of the selection consists in testing merit, vocation to study and personal motivation of the candidates.

The selections are:
- Concorso di I livello - for bachelor freshmen
- Concorso di II livello - for master’s students
- International Competition - for foreign students of a laurea magistralis in English at University of Bologna.

Once admitted students are required to maintain an average grade of high level not inferior to 28/30, and to get 60 credits (cfu) each year.

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Residenza di Studi Superiori

The Residenza di Studi Superiori  lodges the students and hosts the didactic and cultural activities of the Collegio.

The Residenza hosts also visitors and students of the Institute of Advanced Studies, of foreign University and visitors of other structures of the University of Bologna.

The Residenza is placed in a modern building and provided with library, reading room, conference room.  In any area internet wireless connection is available.