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Rules and deadlines for going abroad

Procedures, deadlines and information for Collegio students who wish to take part in exchange programmes.

How to apply

Send the Director of the Collegio Superiore, copied to the Administrative Office, the application form for the school you are interested in along with your curriculum vitae and a letter from your Tutor approving the exchange.

Each candidate will receive an email confirming receipt of their application. If this is not the case, please resend the application. The Director will then select the successful applicants based on the number of places available at the host institution.

Depending on the duration of the exchange and in order to comply with the Collegio's attendance requirements, the student will be required to substitute the learning activities indicated in the Collegio's programme syllabus with other activities offered at the host school.


  • Applications for the September - January period must be submitted by 15 March of the same year.
    (The deadline of March 15, 2020 is extended to March 30, 2020 for the Paris ENS and April 8, 2020 for the Lyon ENS).).
  • Applications for the February - July period must be submitted by 15 September of the preceding year.

We invite you to contact the Secretariat for more specific information on the procedure to be followed to submit the application.

Recall that the requirements required by the institutions offering exchanges may differ in language skills, annual enrollment for courses, forms to be presented, etc.

How to proceed

The practical aspects (number of rooms, communication of the arrival and departure dates, flight booking, module choices, certification of exams taken, etc.) must be managed directly by the students themselves who must also follow any instructions given by the schools they are interested in and published in the respective sections.




Prof.ssa Beatrice Fraboni
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia

Viale Berti Pichat 6/2


tel: +39 051 20 9 5806

Student Administration Office of the Collegio Superiore

For administration related questions

via Marsala 26

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39.051.2099262

fax: +39.051.2086257

In accordance with the Decree of Council of Ministers published on 9/3/2020, the offices will guarantee the service remotely only. To contact the serectariat of the Collegio Superiore write to the the e-mail address:
In case you prefer to contact the office via Microsoft Teams, write to our e-mail address and ask for an appointment via call/videocall.