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Professors and other scholars hosted by the Collegio

How to apply for accommodation

Researchers, professors or students can stay at the Halls of Residence as guests of the Collegio Superiore if they are involved in any activities directly related to the objectives of the Collegio and only if approved by the Departmen.

Accommodation may offered also based on the proposal of a professor or researcher of the University of Bologna, who will also be the point of contact during the stay of the person concerned. The itinerary of the guest scholar in Bologna must include activities carried out at the Collegio Superiore.

How to submit an accommodation request

Send the “Accommodation Request” form to the Department, copied to the Collegio Superiore's Administrative Office. If an invitation is extended by a Unibo professor, he or she may submit the plan of activities that the scholar will carry out at the Collegio Superiore.

Sending the information to the Administrative Office

If the request is approved, the scholar must inform the Collegio Superiore's Administrative Office of his/her arrival and departure dates and send a copy of his/her identity document, copying the email to his/her referee professor/researcher at Unibo where applicable.


Visa and rules for residence in Italy
Information and methods on entry and residence in Italy for students.
Tax Code help desk for students and international teaching staff
A help desk where University students and international teaching staff may obtain an Italian Tax code.




Prof.ssa Beatrice Fraboni
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia

Viale Berti Pichat 6/2


tel: +39 051 20 9 5806

Student Administration Office of the Collegio Superiore

For administration related questions

via Marsala 26

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39.051.2099262

fax: +39.051.2086257

In accordance with the Decree of Council of Ministers published on 9/3/2020, the offices will guarantee the service remotely only. To contact the serectariat of the Collegio Superiore write to the the e-mail address:
In case you prefer to contact the office via Microsoft Teams, write to our e-mail address and ask for an appointment via call/videocall.