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Rules for international fellows

Procedure to host professors and scholars.

Professors and scholars hosted by the Collegio Superiore are invited by professors and researchers of the University of Bologna, who will also be your contact person during your stay period. The fellow's activities must include activities at the Collegio Superiore.


  • Request for hospitality by the inviting Professor

The Unibo professor must submit a proposal for the Scholar's activities and the Stay Request Form (Modulo per la richiesta di soggiorno) to the Directorate ( The request will be evaluated by the Directorate.


  • Sending Information to the Administrative Secretary

The scholar invited must email his/her data (name, surname, date of birth, university or Institute, country of origin) and the dates of arrival and departure to the Administrative Secretary of the Collegio Superiore (, with the inviting Professor copied in.


Visa and rules for residence in Italy
Information and methods on entry and residence in Italy for students.
Italian Tax Code
An important document for activities in Italy.


Residenza di Studi Superiori
The Halls of Residence provides student accommodation and hosts the educational and cultural activities of the Collegio.
Fellows Room
The room for studying and reading of ISA Institute of Advanced Studies.




Prof. Luca Ciotti

Viale Berti Pichat 6/2


tel: +

Student Administration Office of the Collegio Superiore

For administration related questions

via Marsala 26

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39.051.2099844

Telephone calls answered: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday form 9:30 to 11:30. Open to the public only on appointment.