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Education and Tutors

Interdisciplinary education and Professors.

A special education programme complements the normal University programme, enhancing training with interdisciplinary classes and disciplinary seminars.
The classes focus on various subjects, including Law, History, Logic, Science, Technology, Computer Studies, Communication, etc. Attendance at classes and seminars is compulsory.

The Collegio students have to maintain a high level of performance both in University courses and extracurricular activities in order to obtain the “Licenza del Collegio Superiore” after their First Cycle Degree and the “Licenza Magistrale del Collegio Superiore” after their Second Cycle Degree.

Meetings, seminars, workshops and cultural events integrate the academic training, attended by scholars and professionals from economic, social, literary, scientific and artistic world. The Collegio Superiore also runs meetings for the students, organised in collaboration with other institutes, in particular with ISA - Institute of Advanced Studies, also part of the Istituto di Studi Superiori, which organises lectures by Visiting Professors of world renown.

Students of the Collegio must attend the courses of the Collegio and are required to maintain a high level of performance, both in curricular and extracurricular courses.


The Tutors

High-profile Professors of the University of Bologna supervise the academic training of students, helping them in defining their University programmes and their courses at the Collegio Superiore.

Each student is assigned a Tutor, who monitors the student’s University performance and supervises his/her training.


Tutori (IT version)
The list of Professors.
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The interdisciplinary education of the Collegio Superiore.