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Dialogue at the Collegio (Dialoghi al Collegio)

Discussion workshops organised by the Collegio students.

In the context of their interdisciplinary studies, over the year the students independently organise meetings with speakers from the literary, artistic, scientific, economic and religious worlds.

These workshops are open to the University and the public.

The Dialogue at the Collegio session has hosted figures such as Paolo Lagazzi, writer and literary critic; Sam Potolicchio, professor of Georgetown University (USA); Alberto Bertoni, professor of the University of Bologna; Rodolfo Zucco, professor of the University of Udine; Lorenzo Vincenzi, professor of the Liceo T. Parentucelli di Sarzana; Carlo Di Alesio, critic and essayist; Mons. S. Ottani, Vicar of the Bologna Diocese; - Rav A. Sermoneta, Chief Rabbi of Jewish community in Bologna; - Imam Y. Pallavicini, President of COREIS (Muslim community) in Italy.