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Collegio students who successfully complete their programme of study at the Collegio will become Alumni of the Collegio Superiore.

Students who successfully complete a three-year programme are awarded the Licenza of the Collegio Superiore (Diploma of the Collegio Superiore), while those who complete a second cycle degree (or single cycle degree) programme are awarded the Postgraduate Diploma of the Collegio Superiore.

The excellent training offered to students at the Collegio Superiore is attested to by the academic and professional success of its graduates who go on to obtain scholarships, PhDs and research fellowships in the most prestigious national and international universities or to secure good jobs with leading companies.

Following their studies at the Collegio Superiore

  • 65 alumni are working in Italy
  • 42 alumni are continuing their academic career in Italy
  • 18 alumni are continuing their academic career in Bologna
  • 8 alumni are working abroad
  • 85 alumni are continuing their academic studies abroad (Lausanne, Maastricht, Paris, Un. Michigan, London SE, ENS Paris, Aix-Marseille, Copenhagen, Leihig University, Cambridge UK, Inalco Paris, IBEC Barcellona, King's College London, MIT, Northwestern Chicago, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, Paris-Sud, Bordeaux, Birmingham UK, Sorbonne Paris, Tufts Boston, Lille Chapel Hill, Max Planc, Oxford, Imperial Collegio London, Aarhus Dk, Edimburg, Amsterdam, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Nantes, Paris VII, Brunel London, Princeton, ETH Zurich, NYU, Goldsmiths London, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia NY, Wien, Leipzig, Newcastle UK, Leeds UK, Boston College, Yale, Leuwen, Raleigh-Durham NC, Manchester, U Penn Philadelphia, Halifax CA Dalhousie, St George's London, Warsaw, Duke's)
  • 14 alumni are working as university professors in Italy or abroad (Maastricht, Lehig University, Northwestern Chicago, Paris-Sud, Bologna, Birmingham UK, Sorbonne Paris, Nantes, Wien, Newcastle UK, Leeds UK, King's College, Halifax CA Dalhousie, Aix-Marseille)

(Data updated on 22/02/2013)

Alumni association

Alumni website
The Alumni association of the Collegio Superiore was born with the aim of keeping alive the cultural bonds and the traditions of collegiality between the Alumni, promoting contacts between the Alumni and the Collegio, promoting cultural initiatives to encourage relationships between the various disciplines and cooperate with other institutions, national and international.