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Requirements for remaining in the Collegio

Admission to the Collegio Superiore is based on merit and in order to remain in the Collegio, students must maintain high performance levels in their university courses and those of the Collegio Superiore.

The following requirements must be met by the end of the exam session established for the academic year (for example, in the academic year 2019/20, the session will end on 31 March 2021).

Requirements that students must continue to meet

  • participate in all the required learning activities and obtain the total number of credits required by the degree programme for the academic year of enrolment;
  • obtain grades of at least 24/30 for examinations taken and a degree programme submitted on both the University and Collegio Superiore programmes;
  • students enrolled with the Collegio Superiore must maintain an overall weighted average grade of at least 28/30 (27/30 for those enrolled in the first year of a degree or of a single-cycle degree programme);
  • Collegio students enrolled on second-cycle university courses must maintain an annual weighted average grade of at least 28/30;
  • maintain an annual average grade of at least 27/30 on Collegio Superiore programmes;
  • complete at least 72 hours of the learning activities provided for by the Collegio's programme syllabus;
  • submit a brief written report on the activities carried out during the academic year.

The term “overall weighted average” refers to the weighted average calculated based on all of the exams taken over the course of the degree programme, including those taken in the preceding academic year. The “annual weighted average” is instead calculated based on the exams taken in a specific academic year.

A negative result in an exam (“rejected”) is, for the purposes of the Collegio's study programmes, any grade that is lower than 24/30.

Compliance with the Halls of Residence regulations is a strict requirement of maintaining your status as a student enrolled with the Collegio Superiore.

Transition from first to second cycle

Collegio students who have completed the three-year degree programme in the second part of the single session for the academic year, and who meet the requirements regarding merit, may stay with the Collegio and be automatically admitted to the second cycle.

Monitoring study programmes

The Collegio's Administrative Office periodically monitors the students’ study programmes (class attendance, etc.) and checks that the requirements are satisfied both with regard to advance payment of annual study grants (checked on 31 October) and to proceeding to the following stages of the programme.

The advance payment of a study grant for the subsequent year is suspended until the next check (31 March) in the event that the student has not achieved by 31 October at least 2/3 of the University credits (CFU) required by the degree programme for the academic year in progress.

In the event that the requirements are not met, at the end of the academic year, the student in question will cease to be a Collegio Superiore student, with the consequent loss and required restitution of the relative benefits for the academic year in which the requirements ceased to be met.

The weighted-average is calculated by multiplying each grade by the respective number of credits (ignoring exams with ID and RC), adding together all the results obtained and then dividing that total by the sum of the eligible credits (those from exams for which a grade is given). Honours grades are ignored.


Diploma of The Collegio Superiore

Students enrolled with the Collegio Superiore who have continually satisfied the merit requirements throughout the University and Collegio study programmes will obtain the Diploma of the Collegio Superiore.