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Admission to second cycle degree programmes

For students enrolling for the first time in the first year of a Second Cycle Degree programme.

Admission to the Collegio Superiore is possible for students enrolled in the first year of a Second Cycle Degree programme at the University of Bologna. It must be strictly the first time the student has enrolled on the second cycle degree programme. Students enrolled in the first year of a First Cycle Degree programme or of a Single Cycle Degree programme may participate in the first-cycle admissions procedure.

Candidates are selected based on merit, on whether or not they meet the requirements and on their qualifications.

Further information, including information on requirements and deadlines, can be found in the call for applications for the academic year in question.

Participation in the call for applications for admission to the Collegio Superiore does not exempt students from following the procedures specified in the call for applications for admission to degree programmes of the University of Bologna.

Useful advice:

  1. read the call for applications carefully;
  2. carefully check the deadlines and the registration procedure
  3. check that you meet the necessary requirements;
  4. do not leave your application until the last minute;
  5. prepare the required documents to be uploaded online: the documents must be in pdf format and must not exceed 30 Mb in size;
  6. registration of your application will be valid only if the written references from two teachers/researches professionals are received by the closing date indicated in the call for applications;
  7. ask the professors/researches professionals in advance if they are available and willing to write the references and check that they have submitted it online (when this part is complete, a green check mark will appear);
  8. complete the procedure by the deadline (which is mandatory);
  9. once you have registered, regularly check your UniBo email and the Studenti Online application in order to be informed regarding the ranking lists and any changes.


Call for applications for admission to the Collegio Superiore II cycle - a.y. 2020/21
Deadline: June 3, 2020.
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